Law Firm Websites – Powered by Known Law

Known Law specializes in designing, developing and marketing law firm websites. Whether you are a sole practitioner or a firm of many attorneys, you either have a website, or know you need a website, in order to compete in today’s world.

Sales and Marketing are the cornerstone of any business. This is even greater in the legal industry, where competition can be fierce. It often seem daunting when you have competitors showing up all over TV, Billboards and yes, even the Internet. At Known Law, we are focused on making certain your firm looks professional, credible and has visibility in the online marketplace. If you are interested in improving your credibility, visit here.

Our motto is "Get Found Be Known". If a prospective client can find you, then you’ll have an opportunity for them to know you and hire you to represent them in their legal needs.

Why Known Law? 10 Reasons

✓ Cease looking less credible than your competitors.

✓ Break the cycle of throwing good money after bad.

✓ Increase the likelihood of prospective clients finding you.

✓ Alleviate inconsistent online leads.

✓ Get rid of unqualified leads.

✓ Avoid embarrassing website hiccups.

✓ Eradicate the threat of viruses, malware and phishing scams.

✓ Peace of mind with secure website backups.

✓ Eliminate the fear of making website updates.

✓ Reduce ongoing cost of website changes.

At Known Law, we provide:

Domain Name Selection and account management;

Website Hosting;

Website Coaching;

Email Service Selection, Setup and Support.

Affordable Law Firm Websites

There is no law that says your law firm has to go broke to have a great website. At Known Law, we too have a website and, therefore, understand the cost to maintain it without going broke in the process.

Since we are a small business ourselves, we have learned how to operate in a financially efficient manner, keep your costs as low as possible, and still provide a quality product. We may not always be the lowest price, but certainly we won’t be the highest either.

Known Law always provides its law firm clients the option to pay for their website in simple installments. This is done through 3 month, 6 month, 9 month or 12 month payment plans. Furthermore, we recognize you have other expenses and overhead in running your law practice.