Attorney Web Design

It should be a forgone conclusion that Attorneys need a website. Why is web design so important? More importantly attorney web design? Well, we’re all consumers and most of us use the Internet and websites to gather information, research a product or service and we ultimately commit to making an inquiry or purchase. If we visit a website that is unappealing in its design, or find it difficult to find the information we are looking for, we leave!

An Attorneys web design is important in:

  1. Looking less credible than your competitors;
  2. Increasing the likelihood of prospective clients calling you and;
  3. Reducing your ongoing cost of website changes.

Our Philosophy on Attorney Web Design

We believe an attorneys web design should be:

  • Professional looking;
  • Provide your firm with a high level of credibility to the viewer;
  • Stand out from your competitors;
  • Responsive (mobile device friendly) in design and layout and;
  • Be as cost effective as possible.

Attorney Web Design Platform

Known Law designs its attorney websites using the WordPress CMS (Content Management System) platform. We believe this provides the greatest level of flexibility for the attorney or law firm to make changes to their website, should they choose to do so.

Attorney Web Design Process

Known Law works with each firm individually to determine the style, colors and layout that your firm desires. This is often accomplished by reviewing other attorney web designs, highlighting those features most liked and combining those features into a web design that is unique to your firm. Once we better understand your likes and dislikes, we design around those guidelines.