Email for Law Firms
Can you even remember a time when we conducted business without email? You would have to go back to the 1990’s to do so.

The legal industry has gone through the same transformations that other businesses have, where email has become a way of communicating and facilitating the transfer of information.

Reliable Business Email Providers

There are two dominant players in the business email space these days; Google and Microsoft. Both provide business class email services where you, the law firm, can have email using your firms own domain name, rather than a GMail, Hotmail, AOL or some other generic consumer email platform.

Known Law has expertise in both the Google Business Email System and Microsoft Office 365 or Exchange Systems. We can help your firm:

  • Help you choose the platform best suited for your firm;
  • Acquire and setup the new email system;
  • Migrate any existing email accounts over to the new email system;
  • Setup the new email on desktops, laptops, tablets or other mobile phone devices;
  • Train you on how to manage your email going forward; and
  • Provide ongoing support of your email system as you need it.