Hosting for Law Firm Websites

Law Firm Website Hosting Defined

Website hosting is the physical location of your website so it appears on the Internet. Your law firm website consists of files in the form of html code, images, video and other programming languages that make of the visual view that we all see when we visit websites on the Internet. These files need to be on a host server that is connected to the Internet so users can browse your site.

Why Known Law for Website Hosting

There are literally thousands of website hosting companies across the Internet. Each has their own servers, systems and tools for customers like your firm. Known Law hosts all of its Law Firm Websites that we design and develop in our own dedicated hosting environment. We do this for a number of reasons:

  • We are not in the business of charging our clients more money so we can learn another company's hosting environment;
  • We can provide superior support to our clients so their websites run continually with little to no interruption.
  • We backup our client’s websites every night, 365 days a year (this is very important); and
  • We perform any routine maintenance needed for security purposes, virus and malware protection, phishing and more.