Website Support for Law Firm Websites

As long as we have been creating websites for Law Firms, we are still surprised when we hear those stories of the website company who built a website and then disappeared. A week doesn’t go by in our business, without hearing another shocking story about website abandonment.

At Known Law, we are not looking to make a quick buck on a new law firm website.  We are looking for the long term partnership and a mutually beneficial relationship. For the same reasons, we have no desire or expertise to practice law, you have no desire or expertise in building websites.

The only way this partnership works collectively, is if we, the website expert, make sure we take care of your website and your business so you that you can focus on what you do best; helping clients with their legal needs.

Known Law provides:

  • Ongoing website maintenance and updates;
  • Website edits and changes;
  • Website training so you can make edits yourself, should you desire to do so; and
  • Ongoing website technical support.